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Seeds refer to the small embryonic plants that are enclosed in a protective outer layer. They are vital for the growth and propagation of different types of plants. Seeds can be eaten as food, used for medicinal purposes, or even for decoration.

There are various types of seeds available, including vegetable seeds, flower seeds, herb seeds, fruit seeds, and tree seeds. Each type of seed has its unique characteristics and benefits. Vegetable seeds, for example, are rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and are essential for maintaining a healthy diet. Flower seeds, on the other hand, are used for ornamental purposes and can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a garden or landscape.

Seeds are also used for agricultural purposes, and farmers rely on high-quality seeds to ensure a successful harvest. Additionally, seeds are important in the production of oils, such as sunflower oil, and various other products like spices and animal feed.

Overall, seeds play a vital role in our lives and are crucial for sustaining the environment and supporting our food systems.