Air quality data monitoring &

management solution for safe &

energy-efficient workplaces


Industrial processes such as fossil fuel burning, chemical processing, metal casting, and oil painting can release harmful gases like carbon monoxide, methane, and hydrogen sulfide, which can pose serious health hazards if inhaled or not controlled in limited proportions. Industries like mining, petrochemicals, and oil and gas refineries are considered hazardous, and safety compliance is a must to prevent accidents due to gas leakages. Poor indoor air quality is also a significant concern as the average person spends around 90% of their time indoors.

To address these issues, our IoT-based Smart Air Quality Monitoring Solution offers an all-in-one software service with automation capabilities. The solution helps organizations and institutions assess toxic and flammable gas proportions, as well as the concentration of air pollutants, around the clock. With real-time data gathering through IoT sensors, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence, the solution provides a comprehensive view of the air quality in industrial units and other indoor spaces, enabling proactive measures to improve air quality and prevent health hazards.